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Dr. Janet Worthington Presents

Women of History

Dr. Janet Worthington provides an interpretation of important women throughout history in a Chautauqua-style performance. She stays in character for a question-answer period, and then answers questions as herself, offering her own scholarly reflections on their historical contributions.


Cindy Busche, Boise WaterShed, Environmental Education Coordinator
Thank you for a wonderful performance and for making our event such a success. We thoroughly enjoyed working with you. We will probably do another historically based theme next year around this time.

Juno Van Ocker, President, The Friends of the Bishops’ House
The Friends of the Bishops’ House have been pleased to welcome Dr. Janet Worthington’s two annual lecture series in this historic home. She has brought to life in our parlor 7 remarkable historical women, infusing them with her personal expertise and her joy in sharing their lives and times, as well as their thoughts and sensibilities.


Dr. Janet Worthington portrays these women, and many more. A full list of the women she portrays can be found below.

Presidents’ Wives

Martha Washington—Worthy partner for our first president

Abigail Adams—Dearest friend of John Adams

Louisa Adams—Wife of John Quincy Adams

Dolley Madison—Wife of James Madison

Mary Todd Lincoln—The first “first lady”

Julia Dent Grant—Wife of Ulysses S. Grant

Edith Bolling Galt Wilson—The secret president

Mamie Eisenhower—Wife of Dwight Eisenhower


Louisa May Alcott—Author of Little Women

Laura Ingalls Wilder—Moving West—Little House books

Mary Hallock Foote—Author and illustrator of the old West


Priscilla Mullins Alden—A hardy pilgrim

Mary Draper Ingles—Captured by Indians

Amelia Stewart Knight—A Tale from the Oregon Trail


Catherine the Great—Empress of Russia

Queen Isabella—An extraordinary ruler


Amelia Bloomer—Suffragette and reformer

May Arkwright Hutton—Suffragette in ID and WA

Frances Perkins—First woman in the President’s cabinet

Business Women

Coco Chanel—Fashion designer

Margaret Cobb Ailshie—Publisher of Idaho Statesman

Religious Women

Mary Magdalene—Traveled with Jesus

Katharina Von Bora—Wife of Martin Luther


Minnie Pearl—Country comedian

Annie Oakley—American sharpshooter

Hedy Lamarr—Actress and inventor

Shirley Temple Black—Child star and diplomat

Jane Russell—Sex Symbol and ardent Christian

Fictional Characters

Amelia Bedelia—Children’s book character

Mrs. Santa Claus